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Solar Power Pack For Residential School

We are offering Solar Power Pack For Residential School to the clients. Students in the residential schools are in great need of electricity for their studies and other activities during evening, night and early morning hours. The use of solar energy provides adequate light for the students daily, cutting down their dependence on electricity. In solar hostel lighting system the solar panels are fixed on the roof of the hostel, which collects the energy from the sun, it is converted into electrical energy and then stored in the batteries. The stored energy in the batteries is used for lighting the hostels at night. These Solar Power Packs For Residential School turn ON automatically, and lights for about 5 hours and turns OFF automatically at round about 12pm. A manual switch will be provided to run the light for another 5 hours in case of emergency conditions. 8 to 12 hours of sunlight in the day is far more enough to light the hostels in the night. Once the battery is fully charged it can support 10 days without sun.
Our Solar Power Pack For Residential School is provided with overload, short circuit, reverse polarity and lightning protections.

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